I-SKYEX provide CBRNe solutions


I-SKYEX Detectors use chemical sensors wich are specific to the selected simulant chemicals used for demonstration purposes. This approach is directed to the proof of concept based validation testing. From the technical perspective, in relation to the sensors integration, the biggest challenge is to combine the avionic flight system of the UAV, the sensor systems and the wireless communication link while guaranteeing the absence of any mutual interference.

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The Radiological sensors are specific for a high-performance radiation detection. The detector should be enough sensitive to detect, locate and identify radioactive nuclides such as nuclear weapons, dirty bombs, orphaned or purposely masked sources. The biggest challenge is to validate accuracy and Sensitivity of the radiological sensors for the detection of 10 mCi radioactive sources at 5 meters distance.

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Streaming thermal and visual cameras

Streaming with thermal or visual personal cameras with GPS

Streaming with thermal or visual cameras for UAV

Expandable with SATCOM

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Monitoring with M5 UAV